Swordmaster Vs Mercenary Di Dragon Nest Game

Swordmaster Vs Mercenary Di Dragon Nest Game

Swordmaster Vs Mercenary Di Dragon Nest GameSwordmaster Vs Mercenary Di Dragon Nest Game – Kali ini saya akan memberikan informasi mengenai Dragon Nest Game yang sudah saya berikan informasinya kepada teman – teman semua dalam artikel sederhana saya yang lainnya yaitu mengenai Dragon Nest Game Action Fantasy MMORPG.Sebagai salah 1 game MMORPG pasti ada yang namanya tingkatan level dalam setiap game atau setiap pangkat yang sudah diambil sebelumnya.

Swordmaster Vs Mercenary,merupakan dua buah pangkat atau skill lanjutan dari seorang Warrior sejati.Mengapa saya membahas mengenai Swordmaster ataupun Mercenary ini ? Karena job skill tersebutlah yang saya ambil dalam game yang saya mainkan baru – baru ini.

Nah,berikut ini ada sedikit pembahasan yang saya kutip mengenai Swordmaster Vs Mercenary ini.Mari kita lihat lebih lagi dalam artikel saya Swordmaster Vs Mercenary Di Dragon Nest Game.

Swordmaster Vs Mercenary

The Warrior is quick on his feet and spear-heads the battle with up-close melee combat. Courageous and fuelled by a strong sense of justice, they were the first to rise to arms when the land of Lagendia was invaded by dragons.

These fearless fighters make great companions, as they brawl their way to victory withunshakable determination and overwhelming strength. Love being in the heart of the action? Then the warrior class is perfect for you!

Sword Master

  • Sword Master is a short to long range fighter with lots of AoE (area of effect) and crowd control with fast paced damage per second. This class has little team support, but what it does have is a very good buff for dungeon runs with other people (which people ask for in parties). Overall, this class is very versatile, being great in both PvE and PvP.
  • Sword Master really shines as a Dark element fighter. We are not sure why, but in PvP, Magic Defense and Physical Defense do not work. Therefore, most people rely on elements to deal damage.


  • Second fastest attack speed.
  • Good hybrid class, has a selection of both ranged and melee attacks.
  • Very mobile, skills cover a decent range.


  • Mercenaries do less damage and are much less mobile than Swordsmen. They make up for this however, by being the most heavily armored character in the game. Their primary focus is engaging enemies one-on-one and taking the kind of blows other characters can’t, allowing their friends the opportunity to damage and destroy larger enemies. Mercenaries may use axes or hammers.
  • In PvP, Mercenaries are powerful close-ranged attackers with a large area of effect compared to other melee based classes. While a few of a Mercenary’s skills are slow in speed, they have a higher potential to interrupt another player’s skill without worrying about about anyone else interrupting theirs, making them superior in a head-on skill clash.


  • Strong resistance against knock-backs while using skills
  • Powerful attacks
  • Nearly every skill has a large area of effect

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, the Sword Master with its long range can be a formidable foe in either PvP or PvE. The Mercenary on the other hand, smashes his way through opponents with shear strength be it PvP or PvE. Which is better for you? The most heavily armored character or the short to long range fighter with lots of AoE. The decision is up to you, each person is different in playing style and tactics.

Diatas adalah sedikit kutipan mengenai Swordmaster atau Mercenary ini.Semoga dengan adanya ulasan mengenai job skill dalam Dragon Nest Game ini dapat membantu teman – teman semuanya.Sekian informasi sederhana saya mengenai Swordmaster Vs Mercenary Di Dragon Nest Game.