Easy Comment Uploads Plugin Berbaya Untuk WordPress

Easy Comment Uploads Plugin Berbaya Untuk WordPress

Easy Comment Uploads Plugin Berbaya Untuk WordPress – Plugin yang lumayan banyak digunakan oleh teman – teman blogger.Easy Comment Uploads Plugin Berbaya Untuk WordPress memungkinkan pengunjung untuk melampirkan gambar/ file pada komentar mereka semudah mungkin.Easy Comment Uploads awalnya dirancang untuk http://langtreeshout.org.

Namun Siapa sangka,Easy Comment Uploads yang kini banyak digunakan oleh para pengguna WordPress adalah sebuah plugin yang riskan disusupi oelh tangan – tangan jahil dari para peretas untuk menunjukan keahlian mereka.File diantaranya yang dapat diupload adalah file dengan extensi [.txt],[.jpg],[.gif] dan [.bmp]

Easy Comment Uploads dapat teman – teman gunakan untuk mencoba – coba mencari kelemahan dari plugin lainnya yang secara logika dapat teman – teman coba sendiri.File Easy Comment Uploads dapat teman dapatkan disitus resmi plugin ini di Easy Comment Uploads Official.

Berikut adalah beberapa pengembangan dari plugin Easy Comment Uploads yang saya dapatkan dari situs resminya Easy Comment Uploads :


  • Some small bug fixes which prevented some users uploading files.


  • Bulgarian translation by SiteGround.
  • French translation by M.HAROUY.
  • Now only file names instead of full urls are shown by default.
  • TinyMCEComments compatibility fixed.
  • NicEdit compatibility fixed.
  • Options reorganised and extended.
  • Manually blacklist file extensions.
  • Optionally allow only certain file extensions.
  • Set limits for uploads per hour based on ip or user for each class of users.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Small compatibility imporvements.


  • Plugin compatibility improved.


  • Remaining theme compatibility issues finally fixed.


  • Allows only showing upload form on certain pages.


  • Slightly more failsafe plugin url function.
  • Separated CSS into separate file.


  • Ground-up rewrite of most of the plugin.
  • Removed temporary files.
  • No longer broken on Windows Server.
  • Can now be used in other plugins.
  • Uses the standard WordPress upload directories.
  • Much improved nonce based security checks.
  • New option to limit size of uploaded files.
  • Much lighter design.

(Thanks to http://www.justin-klein.com/ for help and suggestions).


  • Temp files are now stored in /tmp .
  • Smart auto-insertion of new lines after auto-added links.
  • Fixes bug with reallowing all users to upload.


  • Much improved options page.
  • Options for choosing which users can upload comments.
  • Much nicer formatting for embedded images.
  • Pretty preview for uploaded images.
  • New, more “human friendly” naming scheme.
  • Images only option now transfered server side (so no spoofing).
  • Automated uninstall with cleanup (all file and comments will be saved).


Changes by Pascal de Vink ( http://www.finalist.com ):

  • Dutch translation.
  • Options page.
  • Filetype checking improvments.


  • be_BY translation thanks to ilyuha ( http://antsar.info/ ).
  • Filetype blacklist security fix.




  • Initial support for translations.
  • Improved theme compatibility.
  • General cleanup.


  • Fixed problems with image width in some themes.
  • Changed naming of uploads to prevent conflicts.


  • Ensure that any insecure scripts left over from old versions are removed.
  • Reduced file I/O (should boost performance).


  • Auto-adding the file links to comment (i.e. no copy and paste).
  • Much nice user experience.
  • More code cleanup.
  • Blacklist of dangerous file types (this was a serious security problem in old version, please upgrade ASAP).


  • Better support for non-image uploads.
  • Installation now much less hacky (if it did not work for you before it should now).
  • Upload directories combined.
  • General code cleanup.

Sekian ulasana saya untuk Plugin yang Tidak sama sekali untuk teman – teman gunakan untuk menghindari kejadian yang tidak teman inginkan.Sekian postingan saya mengenai Easy Comment Uploads Plugin Berbaya Untuk WordPress.